Individual horseback riding lessons for riders of any age under a strict guidance of our experienced instructor.
Lesson’s duration varies from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the willingness and level of experience of each rider.
We use calm and well-trained horses for our riding lessons. The club also possesses all necessary equipment and uniforms that meet strict safety requirements, including full outfit for the horse and rider, riding boots, protective vests and helmets. All classes take place in our specially designed for this purpose outdoor arena.

Children under 5 years old have the opportunity to get to know horses better during their riding lessons. Of course, at this age it is difficult to manage a horse on your own, but young riders can learn how to properly approach a horse, practice the very basics of riding and start riding on the reins.
Particular attention is paid to the compliance with all security measures during the lessons.

Our rates for private riding lessons
One-time lesson
15 min
€ 15
30 min
€ 25
45 min
€ 30
8 lessons x 30 min (1 month)
€ 160
8 lessons x 45 min (1 month)
€ 200
30 lessons x 30 min (6 months)
€ 540
30 lessons x 45 min (6 months)
€ 690